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For a decade VELOX has delivered intuitive designs built on the foundation of innovation and features that our customers love the most. Coupled with unparalleled synergy and integration to ATEÏS Public Address and Voice Evacuation solutions, our products are the perfect choice for your application. The VELOX technology is an experience that harmoniously integrates into the Smart Cities of today. Our Engineers are constantly re-defining what is possible whilst making the solutions user friendly and more capable.


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Today’s IoT (Internet of Things) technological requirements are re-defined by VELOX’s groundbreaking integration capabilities. The new seamless connectivity, reporting and control over our CLOUD give VELOX customers levels of response and service never seen before.

Our state-of-the-art facilities in Dubai Silicon Oasis, UAE is the home for manufacturing excellence and has expanded to a new Head Quarters in Canada. This extension of ISO9001 facilities will enhance our global-reach and this, along with our ever-expanding the product range will allow us to develop, deliver, and support our solutions to new horizons & beyond.


To Be Recognized As The Life Safety & PA/Audio Solutions Market Leaders For Quality, Innovation And Support And To Eliminate Loss Of Life Through Better Technology.


To Continuously Improve, Innovate And Diversify Our Offerings By Aligning Our Business Strategies With Our Customer’s Priorities, Creating Long-Term Partnerships, Harnessing Opportunities, Acquiring New Capabilities, Creating Job Opportunities And Investing In Our ‘Possible Team’.

Our Services Are:

VELOX can provide a solution from a single villa, to a city-wide application. Innovative Fire Alarm and Smart City applications are only a part of VELOX Life Safety solutions covering most requirements with full engineering and design support from our Facilities in Dubai Silicon Oasis, UAE.

Fire Detection Designs: Our Engineers Keep Defining New Boundaries Of Support To Our Clients. We Use The Local And International Standards As Our Guide To Provide Design Solutions To Our Clients, However, The Continuous Market Changes, Inspire Our Team To Do Even More. Today, VELOX Team Go Beyond The Norms To Provide Innovative Designs That Can Address Unfamiliar Design Challenges, And Provide Solutions That Custom Fit The End-User.

The VELOX CLOUD gives the ability to connect fire alarm panels together over a wireless mesh. This mesh has virtually unlimited scalability and can cover a city-wide application (many hundreds/thousands of buildings). The information flow across the mesh is constantly monitored and should any incidents arise such as a fire or fault in a building, the system will immediately report this information wherever is required. For example, the system can be integrated into a city-surveillance control room and report to a facilities management provider or even sent to the individual building owner’s mobile device so they can see the information in the palm of their hand in real-time. These options are all customizable to the customer’s requirements.

Research & Development: We Are Living In An Era Where The Only Constant Phenomena Is “Change”. Hence, VELOX Possible Team Keeps On Pushing The Boundaries Of Science To Innovate Solutions And Ideas That Are Unique, Easy To Use, And Above Of All Serve The Long-Term Vision Of A Safe Community


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