• Beam Detector - 40960

Fire Beam Detector Intelligent Addressable Beam Detector

Product Number: 40960

now faster and boasting many new useful features this is by far the best beam on the market”

We have now designed completely new linear stepper motors which have resulted in amazingly fast commissioning and routine maintenance.

At 40 meters under test conditions we are recorded an auto align times straight out of the box of 3m 02s and once aligned a routine re-alignment was timed at 1m 07s.

This is class leading performance not only in terms of speed but also in terms of advanced robust design built for precise purpose.

Very low power, using only 3.5mA allowing 100 units of 40960 to be connected on the VELOX loop with in-built isolator

Easy clean lenses the 40960 has been designed to be easily cleaned with its flat surfaces. Unlike other beams all the moving optics are safely encased inside the waterproof enclosure and you are not going to knock the beam out of alignment.

This means the 40960 can easily be cleaned from ground level using something like a no-climb pole and suitable attachment.

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  • Compliant with BS EN54-12
  • Ground level control
  • Laser assisted alignment
  • Up to 668 sq. m. Coverage
  • Auto-optimize beam alignment
  • up to 100 meters with additional accessories
  • loop powered with inbuilt isolator
  • up to 100 unit on a single loop

Techinical Specs


Supply Voltage. 10.2 to 30 VDC
Supply Current. 3.5mA (constant current) in all operational states
Constant Current. 17mA (constant current) in fast commissioning


Temperature. -10°C to +55°C
Humidity. 10 to 95% RH Non-condensing
Protection Index. IP65 when suitably mounted and terminated


Standard Product 5 to 40 metres
40960-80. Mid-Range Reflector Kit 40 to 80 metres
40960-100. Long Range Reflector Kit 80 to 100 metres


25%(1.25dB) to 50%(3dB) in 1%(0.05dB) increments (default 35% (1.87dB))

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