Sounder & Beacon – Loop Powered Loop Powered Addressable Sounder & Beacon

Product Number: 61000 SERIES

The VELOX 61000 Addressable range of Sounder Beacons with state of-the-art microprocessor-controlled technology, are fully loop powered from the range of VELOX fire alarm control panels. The new range of 61000 devices are fully addressable by VELOX range of control panels, provided with in-built isolators to enhance reliability.

The Loop Powered devices of the 61000 series can be connected and powered from the VELOX 2Km loop length using 1.5mm² cable. All the 61000 range of devices are loop powered, which means cost effective wiring, and easy to install on the same fire detection loop. This exceptional feature shall drop the cost dramatically, especially in an application like Hotels and Malls were many beacons or sounder-beacons are required to be installed on the same fire alarm loop.

Automatic addressing is an added benefit to the many others of VELOX technology, where the fire alarm control panel sequentially addresses each device and makes sure that no duplicate addresses are allowed. Furthermore, when needed to assign an address in a non-sequential fashion, the manual programming via the VELOX detector programming tool is utilised. The VELOX clients enjoy five years warranty on all the VELOX devices. An extra added advantages when installing the VELOX range of products.

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Key Features


Loop Powered Addressable Sounder & Beacon

  • Built-in Short Circuit Isolator and EN54-17 certified.
  • Powered from the same fire detection loop
  • High-Intensity White Flash
  • 32 tones plus a selectable override tone
  • Deep-Base IP65 versions
  • Unique twist and lock bayonet mounting system


VELOX 41300 41301 Sounder Datasheet (1.40 MB)
VELOX 41340W-41341W-41340C Beacon Datasheet (349.08 KB)
VELOX 41320 41321 Sounder Beacon Datasheet (1.14 MB)

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