Smart Fire Alarm System – IoT Based | VELOX Webinar Series

July 5, 2020


Join VELOX upcoming webinar about IoT (Internet of Things) applications in the Fire Alarm Industry.

Webinar Outline:
Date: Wednesday 15th July 2020
Duration: 45min + Q&A Session
  • 09:00am London Time.
  • 10:00am Cairo Time.
  • 12:00pm Abu Dhabi/Dubai Time.
  • 13:30pm Delhi Time.
  • 18:00pm Sydney Time.

Topic Details:
✔️ What is IoT!!
✔️ IoT Retrofitting to add connectivity Fire Alarm Devices
✔️ Real-time Safety Alerts.

✔️ 4G Wireless Network.
✔️ VELOX CLOUD Platform Overview.
✔️ Q&A Session
Webinar Speakers:
  • Mr. Pranav Bhavsar
  • Director - Planning & Engineering.
  • 13 years of experience in PAVA & Life safety Industry.
  • Mr. Ajay Yadav
  • Engineering Manager.
  • 8 years of experience in PAVA & Life safety Industry.
Don’t miss the chance to find out more about IoT and Fire Alarm Solutions from our leading life-safety experts.

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